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How do I mount my camera on a wall?

We offer two options for you to mount your camera on a wall. And these two options adapts to different surfaces.

Plaster Wall

1. Your camera comes with a plaster wall. The camera snaps into its base effortlessly, and it's just as easy to remove. 

2. Attach the wall mount to your wall or ceiling using the screws included in the box.

3. Mount your camera by fitting it into the wall mount.

Glass or tile

1. Along with the camera, there are 4 Wall mounting sticky pads in the box.

2. Stick the one side of the pad to the round groove at the bottom of AnkerCam and stick the other side to the wall. Wait for seconds and the camera is mounted very tightly on the wall.

3. Notice:Please do not use the sticky pad on your plaster wall because it will damage the wall surface when you take it down.

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