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Introducing camera sharing features.

You can share your camera to your family, friends and even to the world with our sharing features.

AnkerCam offers you two types of sharing-share and public to users.

Here is a “share” tab in the camera settings. You just need to send a sharing email to who you want to share with and wait for his or her response.

He or she can choose either to accept or decline your invitation.

Once invitation accepted, he or she can view your camera’s live video stream and talk through your AnkerCam. But they cannot make a clip. They can also delete your shared camera from their camera list in the account.

You can block the video stream temporarily or cancel the share in the tab.

We also have a “public” tab in the camera settings. By making the camera public, you are consenting to show your camera to the world and promise that it will not publicize any improper content. We offer social network, imbedded videos, and short link to help you to let the world know your publication of your AnkerCam. Anyone can gain access to your camera’s live video stream through these methods. We may also put your public camera in our live demo page if we consider it appropriate and interesting, with your consent of course. You can cancel sharing your camera to the world by simply click the “make private” button.

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