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Why can’t my AnkerCam connect to my Wi-Fi network?

1. Check distance and range from router

To test the Wi-Fi signal that your camera is receiving, move your camera closer to your router. Different materials in your home will weaken your Wi-Fi signal, and minimizing the number of walls and ceilings between your router and the camera can help.

Synthetic materialLow
Marble Medium
Bulletproof glassHigh
MetalVery high
Source: Apple Knowledge Base
2. Check for wireless interference

There might be interference coming from other electronic devices near your camera. Try to reduce the number of connected devices near the camera. Cordless phones, baby monitors, microwave ovens, garage door openers and Wi-Fi speakers are just a few of many devices that are notorious for causing interference. If your camera is located close to electronic equipment with a large power source, such as a large screen television or home theater system, try moving the camera further away from these devices. Sometimes only a few feet will make a difference.

3. Limited upload bandwidth can be a factor

AnkerCam requires a certain amount of available upload bandwidth-about 500 KB to maintain a steady connection and stream video. This is different than download bandwidth, used for downloading movies, music or television shows. If you don't have enough upload bandwidth available, we recommend checking with your internet service provider.

4. Other possible factors

Numerous Wi-Fi networks in the area can also cause a connection issue. We suggest you change the Wi-Fi channel on your router to make it easier for all your devices to connect.

You should ensure your router is broadcasting at 2.4GHz. AnkerCam is designed to work with 802.11 b/g/n networks on 2.4GHz frequency bands.

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