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Wi-Fi signal strength.

If your camera is having trouble staying connected to your Wi-Fi network you may have a limited or weak wireless connection between the camera and your router. The greater the distance your camera is from your router or the mix of materials between your camera and router in some cases will result in a weaker signal reaching the camera's antenna. This can result in more frequent disconnections, increased lag time or "buffering" when viewing video.
1. Check distance and range from router

The further away a wireless device is from your router, the weaker the signal strength will become. To test the Wi-Fi signal that your camera is receiving, temporarily move your camera closer to your router. We recommend starting this test by locating your camera in the same room as the router. If the camera maintains a steady connection in that location, then try moving the camera gradually back to the original location, checking the connection at each step. This can help diagnose where the signal strength weakens.

The position of your router itself can make a difference in signal strength as well. Signal strength can be increased by placing the router on a wooden desk or shelf with space around it, rather than sitting on a floor behind other equipment that can block the signal.

2. Impact of materials

Different materials in your home (or wherever the camera is located) can weaken your Wi-Fi signal. Minimizing the number of walls and ceilings between your router and the camera can help.

Synthetic materialLow
Marble Medium
Bulletproof glassHigh
MetalVery high
Source: Apple Knowledge Base
3. Consider a range extender or Wi-Fi booster

If signal strength is a challenge and locating the camera closer to your router is not possible, you may want to consider using a "range extender," "repeater," "Wi-Fi bridge" or "Wi-Fi booster". This type of equipment can help extend the range of a router's signal strength or increase coverage. They are especially helpful in large homes or sites where distance and materials may reduce Wi-Fi signal strength. While AnkerCam cannot recommend a specific product, we suggest you check Amazon. You can search for available products and read customer reviews to see which may best suit your needs.

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