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How can I customize my AnkerCam?

[Camera] ON: Your AnkerCam is ready to record. OFF: Your AnkerCam is in sleep mode and will not detect motion.
[HD Video] ON:Clips will be recorded with higher quality; this setting is particularly useful for scenes involving swift motions. OFF: Your AnkerCam will record standard-definition clips.
[Status Light] ON: The status light will shine solid blue while the AnkerCam is on. OFF: The status light will not shine, but your AnkerCam will continue streaming.
[Speaker] Use the slider to adjust the sensitivity of camera’s microphone.
[Audio] ON: The camera voice is audible. OFF: Sound on the streaming or any recorded motions is not audible.
[Title] Name your AnkerCam.
[Night Vision] ON/OFF: Turn night vision & infrared lights on and off. Auto: The AnkerCam will automatically turn the night vision on and off.
[Time Zone] Select your time zone.
[Rotation] You can alter the rotation of this camera to 0° or 180°. Note: Remember to reboot the camera after altering.

[Camera Schedule] Set your AnkerCam to turn on automatically according to a timed schedule. Add as many schedules as needed. If the camera is turned off all day, the camera would auto turn on the next day.

[Motion Detection] Turn motion detection on and off.
[Motion Sensitivity] Motion detection notifies you as soon as motion is detected. Find out more by clicking here.
[Send motion alerts to] Once you have downloaded and logged into the camera app, your devices will appear on this panel. Customize it to send motion alerts to your devices.
[Motion Detection Schedule] Turn motion detection on and off according to the schedule in the Camera Schedule section.

[Send Invitation] Share your video stream with others via email.

[Make Snapshot Public/Private] Get the public camera snapshot URL.
[Open/Close Local Stream] Get the camera's local streaming feed.
[Make Streaming Public/Private] Stream publicly and get the URL or embedded code. We would pick some public streaming into the Live Demos page.

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