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How does the motion detection work?

The motion detection notifies you as soon as a new activity is detected.
Note: The whole activity cannot be recorded due to cloud storage limitations.
However, we are constantly doing our best to improve the motion detection feature and provide longer and more accurate motion clips.
The main motion detection algorithm is as follows:

1. Recording begins when a new motion (new motion starts and lasts at least 4-8 seconds) is detected.

2. Recording stops 4 seconds after the motion ceases.

3. The maximum recording time is 2 minutes.

4. To avoid too many mistriggers, activities that are too fast and/or short may not activate recording.

How do the activity zones work?

1. Create up to 3 activity zones.

2. Once activity zones are drawn, the whole area detection and the whole sensitivity on the setting panel would not work.

How does the sensitivity work?

1. The different sensitivity levels indicate how much motion must occur before recording is activated.

2. The difference is not obvious when the camera shoot the close-up scene.

What will we upgrade next?

We plan to continue developing the customized features.

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